Welcome to Vox Aux!

We provide speech and language therapy tailored to individuals and provided in the comfort of their own home or nursing home. Our main focus is adults living with long term conditions. We are able to deal with problems with swallowing, speech, language and voice. We are also able to see little ones with speech sound problems.

Based in the South Bucks area we are able to travel to you in and around the borough and our nearby neighbours. Call or email if you want to find out if we can reach you.

We will be using and developing a range of specialist apps for iPhone and iPad so that therapy practise can be intensive, portable and more fun! 

Our own apps are now available on the App Store!
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Norma Ramsay

Norma Ramsay is the principle therapist within Vox Aux.

Qualifying with a BSc in Speech and Language Pathology and Therapeutics in 1992 she is a very experienced practitioner, having worked with both children and adults in a wide range of education, private, social care and NHS settings.

Clinical Skills
Norma is highly specialised in dealing with adults with acquired conditions. She is able to assess, treat and support people with stroke, progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease and MS, oncology, voice problems and dementia, advising on both swallowing and communication difficulties.

Training Skills
Teaching and supervising others is important in order to spread good practice and maintain a high quality of service. Norma has been interested in passing on skills and knowledge to others throughout her career. She has been involved with students and worked within UCE to provide SLT lecturing for their Clinical Teachers programmes (SLT and multiprofessional), as well as being lead supervisor for many SLT students as part of her work. Preceptorship and clinical supervision have been essential parts of her working life. She has participated in NVQ training with Social Services for home carer workers on Communication and Eating and Drinking. and provided training to nursing home staff. As a team leader she has introduced CPD and in-service training schedules for colleagues and developing assistants' skills by producing a set of clear clinical competencies. The multidisciplinary workplace demands the sharing of knowledge and skills with other professional colleagues in order to be successful. 

Project Skills
Norma has enjoyed the opportunity to lead and take part in project work such as the integration of clinical statistics and outcomes into NHS information systems, and also the setting up of a new Supported Conversation Partners service.

Management and Leadership skills
Norma has been leading teams of therapists in the provision of intermediate and community care. She was operational lead in creating and developing an Intermediate Care service in partnership with Social Services in Solihull.
Her CV includes experience as vice-chair of the Professional Executive Committee at Solihull Healthcare NHS Trust, working at board level to influence clinical development.
Also she was a trustee of the 'Community Rehab Team Network' Charity, working to pull together resources and ideas for rehab across the country.
Most recent NHS work
Recently Norma has been Clinical Lead of the Long Term Conditions team in SLT in Buckinghamshire. The team have been working on new innovations such as developing LSVT services and introducing Teletherapy at home.