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iPad has transformed the way that speech therapists and parents work with children to build speech and language skills. Children are benefiting from the creativity and flexibility provided by thousands of educational apps. At this event, join two innovative speech-language pathologists and a BlogHer contributing editor for a panel discussion on parenting children with special needs, and discover the many ways iPad can benefit your child.

(June 12) 

Bigmouth helps children practise lip and tongue movements, making silly faces along the way.

Bigmouth cartoons with animated mouth shapes show children exactly what to do
A quality voice over gives instructions
A fun and engaging way to do your mouth exercises!

(Jan 12).

"Bigmouth Sounds" is a fun app for children learning speech sounds. It is based on the 'Bigmouth Sound Pack', published through Stass Publications in 1994, now also available on Amazon and through other book stores.

Bigmouth Sounds provides 36 character sound cards with spoken and written instructions on how to make each sound.
There are 5 fun sound-based stories, and a great snap game too!

Originally created by qualified therapists Norma Ramsay and Sarah Hughes Bigmouth was designed to help teach children the phonemes for spoken English. It was also successfully used with children with hearing impairment and also with adults with dyspraxia.

The app is designed to be fun for any child learning their sounds.

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