"Bigmouth Keep Fit" 

for lip and tongue exercises

The Bigmouth cartoon character has animated mouth shapes to show children exactly what to do.
A quality professional voice over gives the spoken instructions in time with the moves.
Do your hard work and get a big cheer at the end.
Progress from single moves to sequences.


Whether its kids with weakness, poor coordination or just for a bit of fun, this app is fun and engaging all the way.

"Bigmouth Sounds"


Released in Jan 2012, this Bigmouth app is for young children to practise their speech sounds.

With a character for every speech sound and 12 vowels too you'll have lots of fun while you do your 'work'.

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“Bigmouth Sounds”

App for iPhone/iPad/iTouch

Designed for preschool children working on phonology to be able to play by themselves or with adult guidance.

All the instructions and choices are in recorded speech in an English accent.

Aims: children to familiarize with the sound characters, to listen and copy sounds, auditory discrimination.


YouTube Video

*24 consonant sound character cards and 12 vowels character cards, used in spoken English, with all sounds heard in isolation and in initial/medial/final word placements, written/spoken instructions  available on how to produce each sound.

...Children can flick through the cards on the screen, one at a time, and hear each sound on its own and within three words with the sound at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the words.


...The i button turns the card over and written instructions are read out loud on exactly how to make each sound correctly. Instructions like "Bigmouth is making a loud noise" and "blow lots of air" help kids understand the sound they are trying to make.  


 *5 fun, sound-based stories that are read aloud to the child with picture scenes, for contrastive work, eg nasals, plosives, fronting process, stopping process. These encourage listening and repetition of sounds.

...Each story is written around a certain set of sounds for example 't' and 'd'. This is to help with some of the more common errors that children make when learning sounds like 'tat' for 'cat'. It will help them hear the differences and copy the sounds as the story is read.

...Colourful picture scenes and automatic screen changes mean that even a young child can sit and be captivated by these fun stories.


*Snap game for auditory discrimination work, two spoken sounds are heard and can be repeated, with visual character stimulus, feedback on success/try again.

...The characters change when you press on them, The play button lets you listen again and again if you need to hear the sounds more often. change one or both characters till they say the same sound then hit 'snap' to get your praise reward! 

...If its not a snap the voice-over will let you know and ask you to try again.          

...turn the pictures off so you need to listen harder!  


The cards and snap game are written in 5 'levels' which progress according to children's development in learning the sounds. Level 1 is the place to start and has the first sounds children learn at a very young age. The levels go up to suit toddlers and pre-schoolers until you reach 'all sounds' where every consonant is included.
Children are not expected to have all the sounds in all the right places until they are 6 or 7 years old.


The original paper Bigmouth Sound Pack was published in 1994 and has been used by Speech and Language Therapists in various countries. 

You can also buy separate sticker sets too, which make great rewards!

Email for more information.


                                             'PARK PICTURE'


Arqiva have been amazing in helping us record the voice over work for our Bigmouth Sounds app.
Mike Walsh and Stan Hollins took us on board and decided to aid our cause. They have supported us by providing the studio we needed to make the best quality recordings possible.

Our thanks go to Bob the technician who 'endured' a few hours work with us, the longest single session he has been through!
(and thanks to Rosie who rescued us from the cheesy milk smell from hell in the green room!)

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