Therapy at home

Your one to one care from Vox Aux is easy to arrange and convenient to access.

We can provide therapy in the comfort of your own need to travel, no driving round car parks looking for spaces. 

If you live in a residential or nursing home setting we can work with you there and will ensure your care team are up to date on your current needs.

We can access suitable local rooms for use when required, for example running support groups or training sessions.

Alternatively if you wish to be seen at your place of work and have suitable private facilities we can look at therapy taking place there. This is especially helpful for intensive courses such as LSVT.

We can also talk to your nursery or school and see if we can arrange therapy to take place there.

While based in South Bucks we are able to travel within the Bucks area and over the boundaries into nearby counties. Call us to discuss this.